• Precautions for the construction of epoxy zinc-rich primer

    1. The construction site should try to maintain good ventilation. In order to eliminate the risk of blasting during operation, adequate ventilation should be ensured to maintain that the gas or air ra


  • How to choose primer and intermediate paint for steel structure fluorocarbon paint

            Steel structure anti-corrosion coating fluorocarbon paint, the first is to protect the substrate and primer with high weather resistance and protection


  • What should you pay attention to when tinting ink

      调墨通常在光线安稳或光线不直接照耀的当地进行。丝印油墨调色时要注意三点:  1、配墨时应尽量少加不同色的油墨,色墨品种越少,混合作用越好。  2、选用"由浅入深"准则,不管制作淡色或艳丽的五颜六色油墨,当色相挨近样板时,要小心翼翼。不同厂家出产的油墨,最好不要混合调用,尽量选用同一厂家不同颜色的油墨进行调色,否则会发生颜色不匀的现象,严峻时会出现凝聚而使油墨报废。  3、有


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