What should you pay attention to when tinting ink

2019-09-11 14:31:46

Ink adjustment is usually done in a place where the light is stable or the light is not directly shining. There are three points to note when tinting inks are tinted:

1. When adding ink, try to add less color inks. The less the color inks, the better the mixing effect.

2, the choice of "from shallow to deep" criteria, regardless of the production of light or bright colorful ink, when the hue is close to the sample, be careful. Ink produced by different manufacturers, it is best not to mix and call, try to use the same manufacturer of different colors of ink for coloring, otherwise the phenomenon of uneven color will occur, when there will be aggravation and the ink will be scrapped.



3. Some silk screen printing inks are boring by drying. After drying in light colors, they are lighter than those which are not boring, and dark after drying in dark colors.

In addition, whether the color of the ink differs before and after boring during printing is a problem that is easily overlooked. Generally speaking, through natural boring (solvent-evaporating ink), the substrate is plastic, metal, paper, glass, etc., the color does not change; but if it is a ceramic color, it is colored after burning and oxidation. It can only be toned by experience. For silk screen printing inks that are sterilized by heat and light, the color changes in depth, as mentioned above. When the amount of ink is large, the ink adjuster can be used, and the color can be finished in a short time.

The original ink colors are mixed in different proportions and can be formulated with many colors of ink. The distribution of light-colored inks is generally dominated by white ink, which is adjusted to the appropriate colorful ink. Such as light blue, mainly white ink, slightly added blue (cyan); light red, mainly white ink, slightly increased red; gray, mainly white ink, slightly black; silver gray, mainly white ink, slightly Add silver paste and add a trace of black ink. To produce a light-colored silk screen printing ink (printing material), it is necessary to add as little white ink as possible. Since the white ink is active, it is easy to cause discoloration of other colors.

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