How to choose primer and intermediate paint for steel structure fluorocarbon paint

2019-09-11 14:33:20

        Steel structure anti-corrosion coating fluorocarbon paint, the first is to protect the substrate and primer with high weather resistance and protection of fluorocarbon topcoat. As the outermost topcoat, all functions of fluorocarbon paint are necessary. Meets industry standards and is able to cope with the surrounding corrosive environment.

        Primer selection

        The most commonly used primers for steel structures are epoxy primers, inorganic zinc-rich primers and epoxy zinc-rich primers. Epoxy primers are suitable for general anticorrosive and moderately corrosive environments, while zinc-rich primers are excellent. The electrochemical anti-corrosion properties are suitable for heavy anti-corrosion applications, such as bridges, marine projects, ports, and offshore platforms.



Selection of central paint

The role of the center paint is to improve the thickness of the film and enhance the anti-corrosion function. Some center paints also have a certain shielding property to further strengthen the anti-corrosion effect. In the steel structure coating, the epoxy cloud iron center paint is more widely used, and has excellent adhesion with the primer and the top coat. The micaceous iron oxide has good shielding property and strong corrosion resistance.

Paint compatibility

Fluorocarbon paints are highly solvent-based paints, and the matching center paints and primers need to be compatible with fluorocarbon paints. The most common fault coating is the use of a weak solvent coating as a primer, such as an alkyd anticorrosive paint. If the surface is coated with a fluorocarbon paint, the problem of peeling and falling will occur.

Coating assembly system

The reasonable matching system of fluorocarbon paint is the key to the whole anti-corrosion project. The common supporting schemes are epoxy zinc-rich primer + epoxy cloud iron center paint + fluorocarbon paint, inorganic zinc-rich primer + epoxy closure paint + ring. Oxygen cloud iron center paint + fluorocarbon paint. All coatings need to pay attention to coating thickness, coating distance, construction process, corrosion environment.

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