Precautions for the construction of epoxy zinc-rich primer

2019-09-11 14:34:01

1. The construction site should try to maintain good ventilation. In order to eliminate the risk of blasting during operation, adequate ventilation should be ensured to maintain that the gas or air ratio does not exceed 10% of the minimum blasting limit. Typically, 200 cubic meters of ventilation per kilogram of solvent is required to adhere to a minimum blasting limit of ten percent.

2. Adopt useful measures to prevent skin, eyes and paint from touching. For example, using work clothes, gloves, goggles, masks and protective oils, etc. If the skin is inadvertently touched with the product, wash it thoroughly with water and soap or a suitable industrial cleaner. If your eyes are contaminated, rinse immediately with water for at least 10 minutes and seek medical attention immediately.


3. During construction, it is recommended to wear a mask to prevent inhalation of paint mist and harmful gases, especially in poorly ventilated environments. Finally, please take care of used paint buckets to prevent environmental pollution.

4. This inorganic epoxy zinc-rich primer should prevent sunlight from shining during transportation and prevent bumping. It should not be lower than 0 degrees Celsius during transportation. Store the product in a cool, ventilated, dry place. It is important to note that you should not smoke at the workplace and take useful measures to prevent certain Mars from being produced.

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