High temperature glass inks should control which printing aspects avoid pollution

2019-09-11 14:34:34

First, the positioning of the glass should be accurate when printing.

Whether it is craft printing or machine printing high temperature glass ink, we must first adjust the corresponding screen and glass, to ensure that the glass margin is evenly white (1 ~ 2) mm, to prevent the glass edge from bleeding ink, the screen and glass are good. After the bit is selected, the selection button can determine the position of the screen and the glass. In addition, the position of the screen can be fine-tuned during printing, which is relatively simple and good to handle; for craft printing, it is better to manufacture a craft printing table that can perform glass and screen positioning, thus improving the high-temperature glass ink product. At the same time, the quality is also improved by the production efficiency.

Second, the marginal quality of the glass should be ensured.

The glass used for screen printing must be edging, no residual exposed edges are allowed to be present, rounded corners are not allowed, and sharp corners are not allowed. The sharp corners of the glass are simply formed to break the screen and then form. Leakage of ink contaminates the edges of the glass. Regarding machine printing, in order to reduce the conflict between the glass margin and the screen, we need to manufacture a positioning plate with the same thickness as the glass. The positioning plate is installed at the printing end and the ink returning end, so that when printing, the squeegee and the ink returning board can Smooth transition to the glass, the thickness of the positioning plate must be consistent with the thickness of the printed glass; the cleanliness of the surface to be printed is also important, the surface of the glass to be printed adheres to dust or impurities, due to scraping during the printing process. The pressure of the plate when printing will damage the plate of the screen, which will cause the screen film to break and present pinholes, and then form a leaky ink contaminated glass. In order to prevent high temperature glass ink pollution caused by this reason, Glass screen printing, it is best to set up a glass washing and drying machine at the front end of the screen printing machine, and the screen printing machine and the washing and drying machine are connected to produce, so that the glass printing surface can be kept clean, which is very beneficial to the printing. Conducted, especially for large-volume glass printing of the same model.

If there is no condition, the gun can be blown at the position of the upper stage. The air source uses the compressed air of the air compressor. Whenever the film is applied, the printing surface of the glass is blown with a blowing gun, so that it can be adsorbed on the glass surface. The dust blows off the printed surface of the glass to facilitate the smooth printing. In addition, DuPont paper can be used to wipe the appearance of the glass before printing.

Third, control the cleanliness of high temperature glass ink.

If impurities and dust are mixed in the ink, the abrasion of the screen film will be formed under the action of the squeegee pressure during the printing process, and then the screen leakage ink will be formed.

In the practice of production, the recycling of high-temperature glass ink is not used on the screen in printing, it is best to filter with net cloth and then pour into the ink tank.



When printing, the diagonal of the lower two ends of the squeegee strip should be rounded. If it is too sharp, after the squeegee is smeared multiple times on the screen, the screen is simply scratched under the pressure to form a screen. Leakage of ink, so each time the squeegee is replaced, the two corners of the lower part of the strip should be rounded, and then the screen is prevented from being worn.

During the printing process, the printing operator should pay attention to the printing function. It is best to install the fluorescent tube at the lower part of the transition roller at the inlet and outlet of the dryer to facilitate the inspection of the printing effect of the glass. Once the surface of the glass is found to have high temperature glass ink pollution spots, the back of the screen should be treated with tape in a timely manner, and the screen version cannot be repaired. It is necessary to replace the new screen in time.

In addition, in the high-temperature glass ink printing process, it is necessary to ensure the cleaning of the printing table surface, and the ink on the table surface should be treated in time. The ink spoon and ink shovel used should not be placed anywhere, and the printing operator should use high-temperature glass ink or wipe the net. It is best to wear disposable plastic film gloves.

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