What are the advantages of epoxy zinc-rich primer?

2019-09-11 14:35:54

1. Excellent material quality

The biggest advantage of epoxy zinc-rich primer is that it is made of epoxy resin, zinc powder and ethyl silicate. It also adds thickeners, fillers, additives, solvents and other auxiliary materials. The epoxy-rich zinc-based coatings are used primarily for steel pipes and storage tanks as well as steel structures and containers. The epoxy zinc-rich primer is specially designed for harshness. The corrosion protection environment and equipment have a particularly high corrosion resistance.

2, natural boring characteristics

Epoxy zinc-rich primer also has fast natural dryness, strong corrosion resistance and excellent water resistance, especially suitable for extremely corrosive environments such as seaport equipment and ships.



3, corrosion resistance and wear resistance

The epoxy zinc-rich primer is a two component epoxy-rich primer. This product is a two-component chemically cured boring type. The dry paint film has a zinc powder content of up to 80% and has excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

4, maintenance primer

Zinc-rich primers are used as long-lasting maintenance primers for steel exteriors in moderate to severe corrosive environments. The product can be coated with a variety of special coatings or can be used as a soldering primer to provide temporary maintenance for the blasted steel exterior. It can also be used as a high-grade anti-rust primer for fire retardant coatings.

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