How mirror glass ink works

2019-09-11 14:36:21

1. The mirror ink is as thin as water. The printing technique is the key. When the printing speed is slow, on the one hand, the water-like mirror ink will leak under the screen. On the other hand, the mirror ink absorbs the moisture in the air, and the mirror surface after printing. The effect is not good. For this reason, in the printing, after the mirror ink is poured into the screen, it is necessary to continuously print quickly, that is, the speed of viewing the workpiece while printing, will affect the printing effect, such as blocking the net, ink printing is not Go down, slag group on the screen, etc.;

2. The ambient temperature and humidity when printing the mirror ink is very important, because the ink is easy to dry on the screen, so it can not be screen printed under air circulation, otherwise it is very simple to block the net. When the air humidity is high, the mirror effect is poor, so In the screen printing, as far as possible to prevent air activity and humidity;

3, should choose high mesh screen, the hardness of the squeegee should be harder;



4. It is necessary to fully mix the mirror ink before use, so that the aluminum powder and the resin should be fully mixed evenly to ensure the appearance of the mirror surface;

5, the tension of the screen is slightly lower, the mesh distance is also adjusted closer, and the scraping pressure of the scraper is appropriately reduced, otherwise the occurrence of the mirror effect will be destroyed;

6. When mechanical printing, the ink returning knife used can not use hard aluminum or stainless steel, but should use the glue back ink knife to ensure uniform coating of the screen printing ink, so that the mirror surface acts together;

7. The mirror effect of the mirror ink is related to the monotonous method. In terms of the mirror effect, the natural monotony is not as good as the monotonic heating, and it should be noted that the warming temperature and the monotonous time should be together, otherwise the mirror function and color saturation will also be There are differences.

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