What problems should be considered in the construction of steel structure fluorocarbon paint in winter?

2019-09-11 14:36:57

1. The curing temperature of each type of paint in the fluorocarbon coating assembly of steel structure;

Steel structure fluorocarbon paint matching coating, generally adopts epoxy zinc-rich primer + epoxy cloud iron center paint + fluorocarbon topcoat matching scheme, both are two-component paint, construction in the environment below 10 °C, referral The type of winter paint is used. The winter type of epoxy zinc-rich and epoxy cloud iron can be cured at minus 5 ° C, but the curing time is relatively extended.

Dry for about 4 hours, dry for 24 hours, and cover for 24 hours.

2. Whether the temperature of the substrate is higher than the dew point by 3 °C;

A substrate temperature of 3 ° C above the dew point is necessary for paint application. Otherwise, there will be a thin film of water on the surface of the steel, which will greatly affect the effect of the coating, often forming a blistering, falling, etc., forming a rework.

Therefore, in the case of heavy humidity such as rain, snow, and fog, it is not suitable for construction.



3, indoor fluorocarbon spray, whether it has good heating and ventilation conditions.

In the case of indoor fluorocarbon paint coating, if the temperature of the workshop is low, if the steel can be heated, it is necessary to consider good ventilation conditions. Drying of the paint requires not only the right problems, but also good ventilation to prevent the solvent from being too concentrated in the air.

4. When the outdoor fluorocarbon paint is applied, the temperature and weather conditions after 24 hours of construction.

After the outdoor fluorocarbon paint is applied in the required environment, there should be no climatic conditions such as rain, snow, fog, frost and drastic cooling within 24 hours. If there is above climate, the paint has been sprayed (one or more). The steel structure is properly covered.

In general, the surface of the steel structure can still be coated with fluorocarbon under the conditions of fine weather, ambient temperature greater than 5 °C, and no recent weather conditions such as cooling, fog, rain and snow. However, the winter paint is slow to dry, pay attention to the protection work before the construction.

If it does not meet the construction conditions, it should be prevented from being hard-working for the construction period, and it is easy to form a coating failure and form a rework.

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